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Providing security Solutions
to Residential and Industrial Areas
For every type of Maintenance
At individual and Societal level
Making you fit and healthy
to tackle pressures of fast
paced life
Company Profile
Mr. Sachin Lad
Managing Director

Managing Director:
Mr.Sachin Lad.
Bachelor of Commerce, Mumbai.
Date of Birth:
June13, 1981.
Professional Expertise:
Certified Fireman of ‘State Fire Training Centre’, Mumbai (2005).

Acknowledgments:          Libra Towers, BandraCapri Heights, Bandra
                                            Anthony Mansion, Bandra Virgo Heights, Bandra
                                            Dr.Satish Naik-  Consultant Diebetologist.
                                            Mr. Prakash Sawant, VP, Mayfair Housing Pvt. Ltd.
                                            Mr. Rohit Jaykar, CEO, Mayfair Pvt. Ltd.
                                            Mr. K.K.Nair, Gen. Secretary, All                                             IndiaOfficersAssociation,
Bank of Baroda.
                                            Mr. Vicky Kandhari, M.D., Kandhari Construction Pvt. Ltd.
                                            Dr. Abhay Agarwal & Dr. J.B. Agarwal- Eminent Surgeons.
                                            Dr. Satish Naik.                                                     


Staff members of Trigon: Mahesh Ambekar- Security Service Head
                                              Ms. Savita Patwa- Health and Fitness Manager
                                              Mr. Avinash Mahadik- Administrative dept.