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Providing security Solutions
to Residential and Industrial Areas
For every type of Maintenance
At individual and Societal level
Making you fit and healthy
to tackle pressures of fast
paced life
I Security Services

Head Guard
Assistant Guards

In Security department we basically aim to appoint staff by:

  • Training staff for risk-management.
  • Following severe physical training and fitness mantras.
  • The staff right from highest position to lowest rank has sound knowledge and god skill in handling the committed position in the service.
  • Following uniform code of conduct, discipline and punctuality.
  • Well equipped with security equipments and sharp eye for vigilance, the company would make the provision of tools according to requirements of clients which range from simple wooden staff to technologically developed security tools such as alarms, CCTV’s etc.
  • The liaison with local police civil force and other law enforcements is also a must.
  • Other parameters to be discussed with the clients and thus with mutual negotiations and understanding signing of the contract between the client and Trogon Security Services.

This is for the hazel free and perfect security administration and to create proper security environment to suit the need of client.

Fitness Activities :

The busy lifestyle and cutting- edge competitive working environment is developing mentally active and physically inactive society. Due to long working hours and lack of proper diet and exercise, many physical ailments are cropping up. To tackle this problem Trigon has a few fitness centers and loads of activities. Along with training the security staff of Trigon Security Services, we also believe in keeping the society fit. Under the guidance of the best trainers and health experts we conduct Fitness regimes at our various branches in and around Mumbai. Along with the regular batches special batches with orientation program are also held periodically. Our Managing Director is a fitness freak and personally believes in keeping every individual fit and fine. These centers are well equipped with modern amenities. Personal orientation is compulsory to every individual who wishes to take up exercise routine. This includes consideration of age, physical problem if any, and food and resting habits i.e. physical history.

Special Feature!
Regular and Vacation batches of Fitness for children aged between 9 to 18 years.

Developing the future of a nation means developing confidence and personality of its children. Our special batches for children- the future of India is a novel concept in the field of fitness where we concentrate on developing strong muscles, increase in height and over all active mind and body.

Our fitness program include:

Warm-up, Body Conditioning, Aerobics, Strech, Cardio- Vascular training, Pyramid training and Tonning of muscles.

To sum up, your lifestyle becomes our concern once you join Trigon Fitness Program.   
House Keeping :

In House Keeping we provide the following:

  • Cleaning Staff
  • Dispatchers,  telephone operators, receptionist
  • peons
  • runners
  • pantry staff
  • Gardeners and
  • drivers